You will work directly with your trainer and Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Wesley McWilliams.  During your initial consultation with Wesley, a variety of topics will be discussed including both short-term and long-term training and nutrition goals.  Wesley will then build custom weekly training programs for you based on your goals and equipment available to you and provide you with a customized nutrition plan unique to your relationship with food.   Once a month you will schedule a video session with Wesley to go over progress, discuss any training/nutrition hurdles, and work on any deficiencies.  Wesley will help you reach your goals and hold you accountable every step of the way.

  • Initial 30 minute on-boarding video consultation with Wesley to discuss your training/nutrition goals and build the foundation of your journey with Evolve

  • Custom weekly training programs based on your goals

  • Cardio recommendations

  • Custom nutrition plan unique to you and your relationship with food

  • Unlimited text and email with Wesley

  • One 30 minute video consultation with Wesley each month to discuss progress, make technique corrections, or discuss any other questions or concerns you may have

  • Exclusive use of our training app

Comprehensive Training & Nutrition


Additional Video Consultations


Video consultations will be available for purchase anytime you need additional face-to-face time with your Wesley in 15-minute or 30-minute blocks.  Video consultations can be used to work on technique, walk through your training programs, discuss your nutrition in depth, or to discuss any challenges you need greater assistance with.