At Evolve we believe a healthy body and mind are the key to long-term physical and mental well-being.  The foundation for this lies in strength training and developing a healthy relationship with food.   We strive to guide you through the process of developing the necessary life-long exercise and nutrition habits, backed by science, to help you unlock the optimal you.  

5 Core Principles

Training & Nutrition Is A Lifestyle     

It’s not a fad or a temporary means to an end.  Training & nutrition is the foundation for living a life-long healthy and active lifestyle.  


Positive Thinking Prevails 

The best way to get through any situation in life is to think positive.  Positive thoughts yield positive results.


Failure is a Certainty 

Got your attention?  There is no such thing as failure.  There are temporary setbacks and life events that get in the way, but they are impermanent.  They are temporary.  They will occur.  Learn to accept them, expect them, grow from them, and overcome them. 


Your lifestyle is up to you   

You are in control of your life.  You make your own choices and pave your own consequences.  You are the master of your destiny.  We will guide you but it is up to you to take each step.


Focus on yourself

Work to let go of worrying about what other people say or do.  Learn to let go of focusing on how other people look or portray themselves on social media.  Take steps to keep the negative out of your life.   Surround yourself with positive influences and always remember it’s your life, your body, and your mind.  Strive to be the best YOU you can be!